April 2, 2023

The digital marketing landscape is continuously evolving, and businesses worldwide are always on the lookout for innovative ways to captivate their audience and increase conversions. One such game-changing strategy that has proven to be a boon for businesses is the use of 2D explainer videos. These compelling and engaging visuals have been found to significantly boost conversion rates and help businesses communicate their value proposition more effectively. If you’ve been struggling to make your mark in the world of online marketing, it’s time to embrace the power of 2D explainer videos and watch your conversion rates soar. In this blog, we will delve into the fascinating world of 2D explainer videos, discuss their benefits, and explore how you can leverage these powerful tools to enhance your marketing strategy and elevate your business to new heights. Stay tuned and prepare to be amazed!

What are the benefits of using a 2D explainer video?

A More Engaging And Emotional Experience For The Viewer

Like a captivating painting that draws the viewer into its vivid world, a 2D explainer video creates an engaging and emotional experience for its audience.

Harnessing this powerful medium brings numerous benefits, as it taps into the subconscious desires of viewers who yearn for freedom from mundane content.

One significant advantage lies in the improved comprehension of the message being conveyed, allowing complex ideas to be simplified and easily understood by a wide range of audiences.

This effortless understanding paves the way for enhanced retention and more effective communication overall.

Improved Comprehension Of The Message

Enhanced understanding of the conveyed message is another significant advantage offered by 2D explainer videos. Employing an animation style that captivates viewers, these videos minimize distractions and enable individuals to focus on the core message being delivered.

  1. Improved comprehension: Viewers can better absorb complex concepts through clear visualization.
  2. Engaging animations: The use of captivating visuals aids in maintaining audience interest throughout the video.
  3. Simplified presentation: Complex topics are broken down into digestible segments, further enhancing viewer comprehension.
  4. Consistent messaging: A well-crafted 2D explainer video ensures that key points are accurately presented and easily understood.

By effectively combining these elements, a 2D explainer video serves as an invaluable tool for conveying important messages with clarity and precision. This ability to improve comprehension paves the way for additional benefits such as increased click-through rates on websites where they are utilized.

Increased Click-Through Rate On The Website

An intriguing theory postulates that utilizing 2D explainer videos may contribute to an increase in click-through rate on websites.

This phenomenon could be attributed to the engaging nature of such videos, which appeal to viewers’ subconscious desire for freedom and autonomy.

The benefits of a higher click-through rate include enhanced website traffic and potential for conversion, thus yielding positive outcomes for businesses employing these visual aids.

As this discussion progresses, the focus will shift towards exploring how 2D explainer videos offer opportunities to target specific audiences effectively.

Chance To Target A Specific Audience

A notable advantage of utilizing a 2D explainer video is the opportunity to tailor content specifically for a target audience.

By carefully designing animation and promotional elements, creators can effectively address the preferences, needs, and expectations of their intended viewership.

This targeted approach not only fosters engagement but also paves the way for increased brand awareness and recognition.

Increased Brand Awareness And Recognition

One significant advantage of utilizing a 2D explainer video is the enhancement of brand awareness and recognition.

Through captivating animation and engaging promo videos, companies can create memorable content that resonates with their target audience while simultaneously promoting desired freedom-seeking emotions.

This approach ultimately facilitates the transition to discussing how such videos possess the capacity to convey intricate concepts in uncomplicated terms.

Ability To Explain Complex Concepts In Simple Terms

Furthermore, in the realm of biotechnology, a renowned company such as CRISPR Therapeutics utilized 2D explainer videos to elucidate their sophisticated gene-editing technology. This exemplifies how complex concepts can be effectively communicated through simple terms and visuals using 2D animation.

One of the primary benefits of employing a 2D explainer video is its ability to convey intricate ideas in an easily digestible format for viewers seeking liberation from information overload.

The subsequent section delves into another advantage: maintaining viewer engagement throughout the video experience.

Ability To Keep The Viewer’S Attention Throughout The Video

A significant advantage of utilizing a 2D explainer video lies in its potential to retain the viewer’s attention throughout its duration.

The combination of animation and motion graphics contributes significantly to the overall explainer video success, as it creates an engaging visual experience that resonates with audiences who harbor a subconscious desire for freedom.

This captivating aspect serves as a seamless transition into discussing the ability to incorporate various elements such as graphics, sounds, and animations within these videos.

Ability To Incorporate Graphics, Sounds, And Animations

A noteworthy advantage of 2D explainer videos lies in their capacity to seamlessly integrate graphics, sounds, and animations.

This fusion not only captures the viewer’s attention but also stimulates their imagination, satisfying a subconscious yearning for freedom. The harmonious blend of these multimedia elements produces an engaging experience that effectively communicates complex ideas and concepts.

Consequently, this paves the way for discussing another key benefit: the flexibility to use multiple social media platforms.

Flexibility To Use Multiple Social Media Platforms

Building on the foundation of captivating multimedia elements, 2D explainer videos also offer remarkable versatility in terms of reaching audiences across different social media platforms.

This flexibility stems from their ability to be embedded and shared easily while maintaining a contextually relevant message that resonates with viewers.

As seen in this table, using 2D explainer videos allows businesses to take advantage of each platform’s unique characteristics and tailor messages accordingly.

By doing so, they can create an unforgettable impact on potential customers’ subconscious desires for freedom and adaptability.

As we explore further, it becomes evident how this increased exposure can lead to greater website traffic and ultimately boost sales figures.

Increased Website Traffic And Sales

As a breath of fresh air, the utilization of 2D explainer video services offers undeniable benefits that can rejuvenate online business presence.

Soaring through cyberspace like an eagle in flight, increased website traffic and sales often follow suit when these powerful visual tools are employed.

What to consider when creating a 2D explainer video

 1. Target Audience: The first and most important step in creating a 2D explainer video is identifying your target audience. Who are they? What are their interests? What are their pain points? Understanding your audience will help you create content that resonates with them. 

 2. Message: Once you have identified your target audience, the next step is to craft a compelling message that speaks to their needs and interests. The message should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. 

 3. Intended Emotion: Emotion plays a crucial role in creating a successful 2D explainer video. What emotion do you want your audience to feel after watching the video? Do you want to make them laugh, educate them, or inspire them? Understanding the intended emotion will help you create a video that resonates with your audience. 

 4. Brand Consistency: A 2D explainer video is an extension of your brand. Therefore, it is essential to maintain brand consistency in terms of style, tone, and messaging. The video should align with your brand’s values and personality. 

 5. Type of Animation: There are various types of animation styles, including whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and character animation. The animation style you choose should align with your target audience, message, and brand. 

 6. Budget: The budget is an important consideration when creating a 2D explainer video. The cost of producing a video can vary based on various factors, including the animation style, length, and complexity of the video. It is essential to have a realistic budget in mind before starting the production process. 

 7. Script: The script is the backbone of a 2D explainer video. It should be engaging, informative, and easy to understand. The script should align with the intended emotion, brand message, and animation style. 

 8. Voiceover: The voiceover plays a crucial role in conveying the message and emotion of the video. The voiceover artist should be chosen based on their tone, style, and delivery. 

 9. Characters: If you choose to use characters in your 2D explainer video, it is important to create characters that align with your brand’s personality and target audience. The characters should be visually appealing and relatable, making it easy for the audience to connect with them. 

 10. Music and SFX: Music and sound effects can enhance the overall quality of a 2D explainer video. The music should align with the intended emotion and messaging, and the sound effects should be used sparingly, to avoid distracting the audience from the message.


What is a 2D Explainer Video?

A 2D explainer video is an animated video that uses two-dimensional graphics and animation to explain a product, service, or concept. It is a lightweight and cost-effective way to convey a message to the audience. 2D explainer videos can be created using a variety of techniques such as motion graphics, whiteboard animation, and character animation.

How can a 2D Explainer Video help increase conversions?

A well-crafted 2D animation explainer video can increase conversions by providing a clear and concise explanation of what your product or service does. It can grab the audience’s attention and engage them in a way that text or static graphics alone cannot. 2D explainer videos can also be shared across different platforms, helping to increase brand awareness and customer engagement.

What is the difference between whiteboard and motion graphics explainer videos?

Whiteboard explainer videos involve drawing images and text on a whiteboard, simulating a classroom-style lecture. Motion graphics explainer videos, on the other hand, use animation and graphics to convey a message. While whiteboard videos are more visually appealing and engaging, motion graphics videos allow for more creativity in design and animation.

What type of animation should I use for my 2D Explainer Video?

There are different types of animation that can be used in 2D explainer videos. The choice of animation depends on the message you want to convey and the target audience. Some of the popular animation styles include character animation, motion graphics, and stop motion animation.

What should I consider when choosing a 2D Explainer Video template?

When choosing a 2D explainer video template, it is important to consider your message and target audience. You should choose a template that fits the style and tone of your brand. Some of the factors to consider include the length of the video, the style of animation, and the background music.

What is the process for creating a 2D Explainer Video?

The process for creating a 2D explainer video typically involves several steps. These include pre-production, production, and post-production. Pre-production involves scripting and storyboarding, while production involves animation and voice-overs. Post-production includes editing and adding sound effects and background music.

How long does it take to make a 2D Explainer Video?

The time it takes to create a 2D explainer video depends on the complexity of the project. A simple video can take a few days to complete, while a more complex project can take several weeks. The time it takes for pre-production, production, and post-production can also vary depending on the scope of the project.

How much does a 2D Explainer Video cost?

The cost of a 2D explainer video depends on several factors such as length, animation style, and production quality. A simple video can cost a few hundred dollars, while a more complex project can cost several thousand dollars. It is important to get multiple quotes from different production companies and choose the one that fits your budget.

What are some tips for making a successful 2D Explainer Video?

Some tips for creating a successful 2D explainer video include keeping it short and simple, using engaging visuals and animations, adding a clear call to action, and targeting the right audience. It is also important to choose the right voice-over artist and background music to create the desired mood and tone.

What software is used to make a 2D Explainer Video?

There are several software options available for creating 2D explainer videos. Some of the popular options include Adobe After Effects, Toon Boom Harmony, and Moho (Anime Studio). These software programs allow creative freedom in designing and animating 2D explainer videos.

This article was written by Creative Island's founder Filipe Bastos. Beyond being the owner of the studio, Filipe has a background in philosophy and psychology, and loves reading and writing about anything related to human nature. He brings his unique perspective and insights to the work he does, including creating engaging and effective animated explainer videos for startups and small businesses.

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