Understanding the fundamentals needed to write an effective explainer video script is essential if you want to create a technically sound and engaging story. An explainer video script has one single purpose – to convince viewers that your product or service is worth experiencing. Crafting an effective explainer video script can be difficult, with many creative and technical elements needing consideration.

This article aims to provide insights into how to write an effective explainer video script by providing valuable tips and advice on each stage of the creative process. By understanding the basics, such as the components required for successful story structure, methods for maximizing viewer engagement and aspects of copywriting, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge on writing a successful explainer video script. We’ll outline key components such as creating a powerful opening line, unique visualizations and captivating copywriting which all contribute to a satisfying viewing experience.

Lastly, we’ll cover potential arguments that could boost the effectiveness of your movie, leaving audience members motivated and eager to see what happens next. With this information at your disposal, you’ll become more knowledgeable when it comes to crafting thoughtful scripts that deliver optimal results. Let’s get started!

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short, engaging animation that explains a product, service, concept or idea in an entertaining and informative way. Typically, explainer videos use graphical elements combined with audio narration or voice-over to present their messages and content. These videos are usually used to introduce new products or services, promote or drive engagement to websites, clarify complex topics and even advertise businesses. Explainer videos are becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses due to their ability to capture the audience’s attention quickly and effectively in a lively manner. They often utilize storytelling techniques making them easier for viewers to understand the message being portrayed. In addition, these videos can be shared across social media platforms which helps increase brand awareness too.

Benefits of Having an Explainer Video Script

A well-written explainer video script provides structure, direction and focus for the production of a compelling video piece that grabs viewers’ attention from start to finish with its clear messaging, hooks and calls to action. A good script includes a combination of persuasive storytelling elements along with specific details about products or services being offered by the company. It should include powerful statements that draw viewers in, entice them to explore topics further and create an emotional response so they invest in what is being offered.

Having an explainer video script ensures the finished product lives up to its intended purpose – being engaging and memorable – as opposed to one just filled with random facts or boring monologue. An effective script serves as a blueprint that allows production teams to flawlessly craft each scene and reference fine-tuned details such as design elements or sound effects. Plus, it allows creative directors to evaluate if there needs to be some changes or refine the narrative beforehand before giving life through animation or live-action footage later on down the road; avoiding potential delays caused by having revision requests during the post-production phase if ever required.

Creating an Effective Explainer Video Script

Creating an effective explainer video script is about having knowledge about the target audience, and the purpose of the video and understand how to formulate an engaging narrative. The goal is to create a concise story that answers questions from viewers, sparks curiosity and motivates them to take action. In order for the video to be effective, it needs a combination of catchy visuals, soothing music, captivating dialogue, brief facts and relevant industry-related examples.

An effective explainer video should begin with a focused headline that introduces the viewer to the product or service. This helps create the right context for connecting with viewers and makes them interested in learning more. Additionally, it’s important to use industry-specific terms that familiarize viewers with your brand identity right off the bat. Proceeding with describing or highlighting the benefits of using your product also helps create relevance within viewers’ mindsets.

Let’s take a look at the steps you need to take to make sure your script is up to scratch.

Defining The Goal Of Your Explainer Video

Creating an explainer video script is like building a puzzle. You have pieces that need to fit together in order for the whole picture to come alive. The first step, and arguably the most important one, is defining the goal of your explainer video.

Think about why you’re creating this video: what message do you want it to convey? Who’s your target audience? Before writing anything down on paper, sit down with your team and discuss these questions. Once you know who you’re talking to and what story you want to tell, crafting an effective explainer video script becomes much easier!

Having a clear vision of what kind of outcome you expect from your explainer video is essential when designing a successful video marketing strategy; having a ready-made template will help keep everything organized while developing ideas for visuals or animations. This way, all the pieces can be put into place and create an amazing end product – something that resonates with viewers and drives results!

Identify Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is an essential step in creating an effective explainer video script. Knowing who you are targeting with the video will help you craft a message that resonates with viewers and encourages them to take action. To identify your target audience, ask yourself questions such as: What age group is your product or service intended for? What gender? What type of lifestyle do they lead? What problems are they looking to solve? When you have a clear understanding of who you’re targeting, it will be easier to create content that resonates with them and compels them to take action. When crafting your explainer video script, make sure to use language and visuals that evoke an emotional response from the viewer, such as using real people instead of animated characters or having an email address at the end for viewers to follow up on after watching the video. Taking the time to carefully consider who you’re targeting when creating your explainer video script will ensure that your video production process runs smoothly and yields a successful outcome.

Develop a Compelling Story

Creating a compelling story for an explainer video script is essential for any successful video production. A compelling story engages the viewer, encourages them to take action, and leaves them with a strong takeaway. To create a captivating story arc that viewers can relate to, it’s important to craft a narrative that has purpose and meaning. Start by introducing your product or service and outlining the problem that it solves. Then, provide an explanation of how your solution works and the benefits it offers. Finally, wrap up your story with a call to action for viewers to take advantage of what you have to offer. By taking the time to develop an engaging story arc that resonates with viewers, you can ensure your explainer video is effective in conveying its message and increases conversions as a result.

Keep it Short and Sweet

A well-crafted script should be concise and to the point, providing viewers with sufficient information about your product or service in a limited amount of time. An ideal explainer video should be no longer than two minutes, as this is enough time for viewers to absorb the key points without becoming bored or overwhelmed. When writing your explainer video script, make sure you’re including only essential details – avoid any unnecessary information that could drag on the video length. Additionally, use visuals to get your message across – visuals help make complex concepts easier to understand and can often speak louder than words. By keeping it short and sweet, you can ensure that viewers stay engaged throughout the entire duration of the explainer video and are left with a positive impression of your product or service.

Include a Strong Takeaway

When crafting an explainer video script, it is important to include a strong takeaway. This is the main point you want your audience to take away from watching the video. It should be something that resonates with viewers and has a lasting impact. To ensure this message is remembered, make sure it’s easy to understand and memorable. Additionally, use language that speaks directly to your target audience – this will help build trust and create an emotional response. When you have a strong takeaway in place, you can be certain that your explainer video will leave viewers with a positive impression of your product or service and inspire them to take action.

Craft the Right Tone for Your Brand

Creating the right tone for your brand is essential when crafting an explainer video script. Your tone should be consistent with your company’s mission and values so that viewers will recognize and respond positively to it. Additionally, consider the type of video you are creating – a whiteboard animated video or an animated character. The style should match the audience you’re targeting. You want to ensure that your message is clear and easy to understand. In addition, include a call-to-action in your script that will inspire viewers to take action. This could be an email address, a website link or something else. By crafting the right tone for your brand in the explainer video script, you can guarantee that you’ll create an engaging, memorable experience for viewers and encourage them to act on what they’ve seen.

Leverage Visuals to Enhance Your Script’s Impact

Crafting a great explainer video script is only the first step in creating a successful explainer video. To really make an impact, you need to leverage visuals to add life to your story. Visuals are powerful tools for conveying information and ideas quickly. They can be used to emphasize key points, evoke emotion, and create memorable experiences for viewers. Consider using motion graphics, animation, or real people in your videos to better engage with your audience and tell stories that have an emotional response. Additionally, use visuals that will leave viewers with a strong takeaway—something they’ll remember long after the video ends. Leveraging visuals in your explainer video is essential if you want to create a compelling script that resonates with viewers and encourages them to take action. With the right visuals, you can ensure that your message will stick and have the desired effect on your target audience

Test Your Script Before Production Begins

Testing your explainer video script before production begins is essential if you want to create a successful video. This allows you to identify any potential issues with the content and make changes accordingly. Before filming, it’s important to review the story arc, ensure character consistency, and evaluate how visuals will be used to highlight key points. Additionally, read your script aloud and have someone else do the same—this can help you find any awkward wording or sections that need further clarification. Finally, make sure your script is tailored to the target audience, addressing their needs and ultimately driving them towards taking action. Testing your script before production begins is an essential step in creating a successful explainer video—take the time to get it right so that viewers can experience a powerful story that resonates with them and encourages them to take action.

What are some explainer video script examples by famous brands?

Many of the world’s biggest and most successful brands use them as part of their marketing strategies.

A great example of a powerful explainer video script can be seen in GoDaddy’s wedding website tutorial. This clip is effective because it focuses on helping customers reach their desired end results by providing clear instructions and diagrams that do not require any extra explanation or further inquiries.

Intel’s ‘What Is 5G’ explainer video is also well worth mentioning. They present complex technical information in an approachable language, capture people’s attention with vivid visuals and vibrant sound effects, and drive home the main point with a memorable refrain—“5G: Fueled by Intel.”

Coca-Cola provided another compelling explainer video script with their “Life Begins Now” commercial. It begins with a thought-provoking question which draws viewers in: “Have you ever dreamed of experiencing life outside your own bubble?” Through beautiful images highlighting the growing diversity across cultures around the world, Coke is able to establish an emotional theme for its message that ties in nicely with its brand identity and values.

Amex’s two-minute campaign detailing how to maximize credit card points is also worthy of mention as a well-crafted explainer video script example by a famous brand. The accompanying music creates excitement throughout the script while sections such as “spending rewards faster than you think” reinforce key messages within seconds. The narrative structure builds on itself until it reaches its climax when the narrator declares at the end: “You owe it to yourself to maximize your Amex Points!”

The examples above demonstrate how businesses can capitalize on explainer marketing videos –not only as commercial tools but also as informative platforms that engage audiences long after an introductory message about products or services has been made. Incorporating captivating visuals, like intricate graphics and creative imagery along with effective scenarios will make all the difference between losing customers after 10 seconds versus inspiring commitment from new ones beyond 10 minutes!

What is an Explainer Video Script Template?

An Explainer Video Script Template is a structure and outline used to create a compelling story that “sells” the product or service. It provides a framework for the script of an explainer video, making it easier to plan, organize and develop the content. By using this template, viewers are guided through the journey in a logical, engaging way while focusing on the message to be conveyed.

The template typically includes components such as setting the scene, introducing the problem, identifying solutions, sharing insights, offering support, explaining details and presenting results. Setting up these steps can help create a natural flow in which all aspects of the product or service are explained without jumping around.

Another benefit of constructing an Explainer Video Template is churning out similar type videos faster by reusing some of its parts over again. For example, if you need to do multiple videos for multiple products within one range you don’t have to start from scratch each time – instead, merely adjust existing material where necessary. What matters most is what elements should remain unchanged so that the message always fits and remains consistent with your goal or brand image.
Explainer Videos are short enough that they require user attention from beginning to end; hence their success depends heavily upon their script’s contents and arrangement. Ultimately, having an effective Explainer Video Script Template ensures everything important about your explainer video gets into it promptly and easily within two minutes or less.


The process of crafting an effective explainer video script can be complex, but it is essential for creating a successful and engaging experience. Your goal should be to create something that captures the attention of your target audience and inspires them to take action. With careful planning, creative writing, and thoughtful optimization, you can deliver a compelling story that will leave viewers feeling inspired and motivated. It’s like giving someone the key to unlocking their dreams – if you craft your message with care, it could open up new opportunities for success!

By following these best practices and tips when crafting your explainer video script, you increase the chances of producing something that resonates with viewers in powerful ways. Remember: from outlining the goals of your project to testing your script before production begins, each step matters in delivering an impactful story. The end result should always aim to motivate people into taking positive actions towards achieving their desired outcomes.

Taking the time to create a well-crafted explainer video script ensures you have all the right pieces in place before beginning production. By doing this groundwork up front, you give yourself the best chance of producing a memorable story that connects with audiences on an emotional level – one that will encourage meaningful engagement now and long after its release! 

In case you’re finding it difficult to create your own script, you can always turn to Video Production Companies such as ours Creative Island. 

This article was written by Creative Island's founder Filipe Bastos. Beyond being the owner of the studio, Filipe has a background in philosophy and psychology, and loves reading and writing about anything related to human nature. He brings his unique perspective and insights to the work he does, including creating engaging and effective animated explainer videos for startups and small businesses.

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