October 23, 2023

Are you ready to dive into the soothing world of animated ASMR videos? Follow this step-by-step guide to unleash your creativity and create relaxing experiences for your viewers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand ASMR and its purpose of triggering relaxation through calming voices, gentle sounds, and role-playing scenes.
  • Choose the right equipment, including a quiet room, camera, high-quality microphone, and editing software.
  • Plan your video by deciding on triggers and creating a quiet, well-lit environment.
  • Record your video with slow movements, proper microphone placement, and minimal background noise.
  • Edit your video using software to arrange files, add effects, and enhance the audio and visuals.
  • Personalize your video by adding titles, end cards, and serene background music.
  • Produce and upload your video to platforms like YouTube, engaging with feedback from your audience.
  • Stay informed about ASMR trends and engage with the ASMR community to continuously improve your videos.

Understanding ASMR

To create compelling animated ASMR videos, it’s important to understand what Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is and how it can be utilized to create soothing experiences. ASMR refers to the tingling sensation that some people experience when they hear specific sounds or witness certain visual triggers. These triggers can range from whispering and tapping to gentle brushing and role-playing scenarios.

ASMR videos are designed to evoke relaxation and provide a pleasant sensory experience for viewers. Creators often incorporate calming voices, soft sounds, and gentle movements to help induce feelings of tranquility and well-being. The goal is to create a safe and comforting environment that allows the viewer to unwind and recharge.

How ASMR Videos Create a Soothing Experience

ASMR videos leverage the power of sound and visuals to create a calming effect on the viewer’s nervous system. The triggers used in these videos have been found to activate the brain’s pleasure centers, releasing endorphins and promoting a sense of relaxation. The gentle sounds and slow movements in ASMR videos can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and enhance overall well-being.

  • Whispering: A soft, gentle voice can create a sense of intimacy and provide a comforting presence.
  • Tapping: The rhythmic tapping of objects can produce a pleasant and relaxing sensation for the viewer.
  • Personal attention: Role-playing scenarios that simulate personal care, such as hair brushing or makeup application, can evoke feelings of being cared for and nurtured.
  • Nature sounds: The sounds of rain, waves, or birds chirping can transport the viewer to a peaceful environment and promote relaxation.

By understanding the power of ASMR and the various triggers used in ASMR videos, you can create animated ASMR content that offers a calming and enjoyable experience for your viewers. Whether you’re seeking to unwind after a long day or simply looking for a moment of serenity, animated ASMR videos can provide a soothing escape.

Key Elements in ASMR Videos:
  • Calming voices
  • Gentle sounds
  • Slow movements
  • Role-playing scenarios
  • Whispering
  • Tapping
  • Personal attention
  • Nature sounds

Essential Equipment for Animated ASMR Videos

Before you begin creating animated ASMR videos, ensure you have the right equipment and software to capture and edit your content effectively. Here are the essential tools you’ll need:

  1. A Quiet Room: Find a quiet space where you can record your videos without any background noise or distractions.
  2. A Camera: Use a high-quality camera to capture clear visuals. DSLR cameras or smartphones with good video capabilities can work well.
  3. A Microphone: Invest in a quality microphone to capture the delicate sounds associated with ASMR. The Blue Yeti USB Mic is a popular choice among ASMR content creators.
  4. Editing Software: Choose a user-friendly video editing software that allows you to import, arrange, and enhance your video and audio files. PowerDirector is an excellent option for beginners.

Once you have these essentials, you’re ready to start creating your animated ASMR videos. But before you dive right in, it’s important to plan your video and consider what triggers or sounds you want to incorporate. This will help you provide a relaxing and immersive experience for your viewers.

Planning Your Animated ASMR Video

When planning your video, think about the specific ASMR triggers you want to incorporate. These can include whispering, tapping, scratching, or nature sounds. Create a script or a rough outline to guide your recording process. Additionally, ensure that your recording room is quiet and well-lit, with soft and soothing lighting that sets the right ambiance for your video.

Equipment Tools Software
Quiet Room Camera High-quality Microphone
Recording Space DSLR or Smartphone Blue Yeti USB Mic

With the right equipment, software, and a thoughtful plan, you’re well on your way to creating engaging and mesmerizing animated ASMR videos. Remember to experiment with different triggers, engage with your audience, and stay informed about the latest trends in the ASMR community. Happy creating!

Planning Your Animated ASMR Video

A well-planned animated ASMR video can captivate your audience and induce the ultimate relaxation. Learn how to plan your video effectively in this section.

1. Define your concept: Start by brainstorming ideas for your animated ASMR video. Consider the theme, setting, and trigger sounds you want to incorporate. Make a list of different scenarios or role-plays that can engage and relax your viewers.

2. Create a storyboard: Once you have a clear concept, sketch out a storyboard to visualize the flow of your video. This will help you organize your scenes, transitions, and audio cues. Use simple sketches or stick figures to outline each frame, ensuring a smooth and coherent narrative.

3. Gather resources: Determine the props, visual elements, and audio effects you will need for your video. This could include objects for tapping, soft fabrics for brushing sounds, or natural elements for soothing ambient noise. Make a checklist of everything you need and gather them before shooting.

4. Set the ambiance: Before recording, create a relaxing environment by adjusting the lighting, removing distracting objects, and adding calming elements like plants or candles. Choose a quiet space to minimize any background noise that could disrupt the ASMR experience.

5. Schedule your production: Plan your shooting schedule, allowing enough time for setup, multiple takes, and breaks. Consider the time of day when you have optimal natural lighting and when background noise is at a minimum. Be patient and take breaks if you find yourself feeling fatigued.

Remember, planning is key to creating an immersive and enjoyable animated ASMR video. Take your time to brainstorm ideas, visualize your concept through storyboarding, and gather the necessary resources. By following these steps, you’ll be well-prepared to start recording a captivating ASMR experience.

Recording Your Animated ASMR Video

Now that you’ve planned your animated ASMR video, it’s time to bring it to life. Discover the best practices for recording your content in this section.

When it comes to recording ASMR videos, creating the right atmosphere is essential. Find a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed, and ensure there are no background noises that could interfere with your video. Consider using a pop filter or windscreen for your microphone to minimize unwanted sounds.

Speaking and moving slowly is crucial in ASMR videos. This helps to create a relaxing and immersive experience for your viewers. Experiment with different triggers and actions that will engage and relax the audience, such as whispering, tapping, or gentle movements.

Proper microphone placement is key to capturing high-quality audio. Position the microphone close to your mouth, ensuring it picks up your voice clearly. Test the audio levels and adjust them accordingly to ensure a balanced and pleasant sound throughout your video.

In some cases, you may want to include visual elements in your ASMR video. If you’re using props or performing certain actions, make sure they are well-lit and clearly visible to enhance the viewer’s experience. Experiment with lighting techniques to create a soothing and relaxing ambiance.

Recording Tips:

  • Find a quiet room with no background noise.
  • Speak and move slowly to create a calming experience.
  • Position your microphone close to your mouth for clear audio.
  • Experiment with lighting techniques to enhance the visuals.

By following these recording practices, you’ll be able to create captivating and immersive ASMR videos that leave your viewers feeling relaxed and tingling with the sensation. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find your unique style.

Recording Equipment Recommended Brands
Microphone Blue Yeti USB Mic
Camera Canon EOS M50
Lighting Neewer Ring Light Kit
Editting Software PowerDirector

Editing Your Animated ASMR Video

Editing your animated ASMR video is where the magic happens. Learn how to bring your footage to life and create a truly immersive experience for your viewers.

Once you’ve finished recording your ASMR video, it’s time to transform it into a polished and relaxing masterpiece. The editing process allows you to fine-tune the visuals and audio, ensuring that every moment captivates your audience.

Here are some essential tips for editing your animated ASMR video:

  1. Import and organize your footage: Start by importing all the video and audio files into your preferred editing software. Create a clear and structured timeline to easily navigate through your content.
  2. Trim and split clips: Trim any unwanted footage and split longer clips to eliminate any pacing issues. Keep the focus on the relaxing sounds and visuals that will engage your viewers.
  3. Add transitions and effects: Smoothly transition between scenes with gentle fades or other subtle transition effects. Experiment with effects to enhance the overall ambiance of your video.
  4. Adjust audio levels: Ensure that your voice and other sound elements are clear and balanced. Remove any background noise or distractions that might interrupt the soothing experience.
  5. Enhance visuals and sound: Adjust the colors, brightness, and contrast to create a visually pleasing atmosphere. Consider adding overlays, such as soft focus or vignettes, to create a dreamy effect. Enhance the sound quality by applying filters and effects that emphasize the ASMR triggers.
  6. Export and save your project:

    Once you are satisfied with the editing process, export your video in a high-quality format suitable for your intended platform. Save a backup of your project files in case you want to make further changes in the future.

Remember, the goal of ASMR videos is to create a calming and relaxing experience for your viewers. Take your time during the editing process to ensure that every visual and auditory element contributes to the overall soothing atmosphere.

Editing Tips Benefits
Experiment with different effects Create a unique and immersive experience
Pay attention to pacing Keep your viewers engaged and relaxed
Use color correction to set the mood Create a visually appealing and soothing environment
Keep the audio levels balanced Promote a clear and relaxing listening experience

With these editing tips and techniques, you’ll be well-equipped to create captivating and immersive animated ASMR videos that will transport your viewers into a state of deep relaxation.

Personalizing Your Animated ASMR Video

Make your animated ASMR video stand out by adding personal touches that enhance the relaxation experience. Discover the art of personalization in this section.

One way to personalize your ASMR video is by adding titles and end cards. Titles can introduce different segments of your video or provide a brief description of what viewers can expect. End cards, on the other hand, can include a call-to-action, encouraging viewers to like, comment, or subscribe to your channel. These elements not only add a professional touch but also help build your brand and engage with your audience.

In addition to titles and end cards, background music can play a significant role in enhancing the overall effect of your ASMR video. Choose serene and calming music from a royalty-free stock library to create a soothing atmosphere for your viewers. The right background music can complement the sounds and triggers in your video, immersing the viewer in a deeply relaxing experience.

Table 1: Popular Royalty-Free Music Libraries

Library Website
PremiumBeat www.premiumbeat.com
Epidemic Sound www.epidemicsound.com
AudioJungle www.audiojungle.net

Remember to consider the preferences of your target audience when selecting background music. Some viewers may prefer a specific genre or style, so it’s essential to strike a balance between personalization and broad appeal.

By personalizing your animated ASMR video with titles, end cards, and carefully chosen background music, you can create a unique and immersive experience that helps your viewers relax and unwind.

Producing and Uploading Your Animated ASMR Video

It’s time to share your creation with the world. Learn how to produce and upload your animated ASMR video to reach a wider audience and connect with your viewers.

1. Exporting your video: Once you are satisfied with the editing process, it’s time to export your animated ASMR video. Choose the appropriate file format and resolution that best suits your platform and audience preferences. Remember to maintain the highest quality possible without compromising file size for smooth playback.

2. Selecting the right platform: There are various platforms available for uploading and sharing your animated ASMR videos. YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for ASMR content creators, as it offers a wide reach and monetization opportunities. Consider other platforms like Twitch, Instagram, or Patreon, depending on your target audience and goals.

3. Optimizing your video: To ensure your animated ASMR video reaches a wider audience, it’s important to optimize it for search engines. Use relevant keywords in the title, description, and tags. Include a compelling thumbnail that accurately represents your video content and entices viewers to click.

Engaging with your audience

Connecting with your viewers is crucial for building a loyal community around your animated ASMR videos. Here are some ways to engage with your audience:

  • Respond to comments: Regularly check and reply to comments on your videos. This shows your viewers that you value their feedback and encourages them to interact with you.
  • Create a posting schedule: Consistency is key in maintaining audience engagement. Establish a regular posting schedule so your viewers know when to expect new content from you.
  • Encourage feedback and suggestions: Ask your audience for their opinions and suggestions in the comments or through community posts. This fosters a sense of collaboration and shows that you value their input.

Remember, producing and uploading your animated ASMR video is just the beginning. Engaging with your viewers and continuously improving your content will help you grow as an ASMR creator and build a dedicated audience that appreciates your work.

Platform Pros Cons
YouTube Wide reach, monetization opportunities, established ASMR community High competition, strict content policies
Twitch Live streaming capabilities, interactive chat feature Smaller ASMR community, may require additional equipment
Instagram Visual platform, potential for collaborations with brands Shorter video duration, limited monetization options
Patreon Exclusive content for subscribers, direct support from fans Requires dedicated fanbase, ongoing commitment

By following these steps and considering the various platforms available, you can successfully produce and upload your animated ASMR video. Remember to engage with your audience, optimize your content, and continuously improve to connect with more viewers and establish your presence in the ASMR community.

Staying Up-to-Date with ASMR Trends

To keep your animated ASMR videos fresh and engaging, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the ASMR community. Discover the keys to staying in the loop.

1. Connect with the ASMR Community: Engaging with fellow ASMR creators and enthusiasts is a great way to stay informed about emerging trends. Join ASMR forums, Facebook groups, and follow influencers on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Actively participate in discussions, share ideas, and learn from others in the community.

2. Follow Popular ASMR Channels: In addition to connecting with the ASMR community, make sure to stay updated with popular ASMR channels. Subscribe to channels that align with your interests and style, and regularly watch their videos to gain inspiration. Pay attention to the types of triggers, themes, and techniques they incorporate into their content.

3. Stay Curious and Experiment: To stay ahead of the curve, keep an open mind and be willing to experiment with new ideas and techniques. Explore different types of ASMR triggers, such as binaural audio, visual effects, or unique role-plays. By experimenting and pushing your creative boundaries, you can discover fresh approaches that resonate with your audience.

By staying in touch with the ASMR community, following popular channels, and continuously experimenting, you can ensure your animated ASMR videos remain relevant and captivating. Remember, trends evolve, and what may be popular today may change tomorrow, so it’s important to adapt and embrace new ideas. Keeping yourself updated will not only help you create engaging content but also strengthen your connection with your audience.

Tips for Staying Up-to-Date with ASMR Trends:
Connect with the ASMR community through forums and social media groups.
Follow popular ASMR channels and learn from their content.
Stay curious and experiment with new triggers and techniques.


Congratulations! You now have the tools and knowledge to create captivating animated ASMR videos. Embrace your creativity, experiment with different triggers, and continue to provide soothing experiences for your viewers.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a unique and powerful sensation that can induce relaxation and tingling feelings. By understanding what ASMR is and how it works, you can create videos that effectively trigger this response in your audience.

To bring your animated ASMR videos to life, it is crucial to choose the right equipment. Invest in a good quality camera, a high-quality microphone, and reliable editing software. These tools will help you capture and enhance the gentle sounds and visuals that are integral to ASMR.

When planning your videos, consider the triggers and sounds that resonate with you and your audience. Create a calm and inviting environment by choosing a quiet and well-lit room. Engage in slow and deliberate movements, and incorporate role-playing scenes that will evoke relaxation.

During the editing process, make use of editing software to arrange your video and audio files, add effects and transitions, and fine-tune the audio levels for a seamless and immersive experience. Personalize your videos by adding titles, end cards, and background music that further enhance the soothing effect.

Once you have completed the editing process, produce and upload your video to platforms like YouTube. Share your creation with your audience and embrace their feedback and input for continuous improvement. Stay up-to-date with ASMR trends and actively engage with the ASMR community to expand your knowledge and reach.

Congratulations on gaining the necessary skills to create mesmerizing animated ASMR videos. Let your creativity flow, experiment with different triggers and techniques, and provide your viewers with a serene and comforting journey.


What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and refers to the tingling sensation one can experience when feeling relaxed or sleepy. ASMR videos aim to trigger this feeling in viewers through calming voices, gentle sounds, and role-playing scenes.

What equipment do I need to make animated ASMR videos?

To make animated ASMR videos, you will need a quiet room, a camera, a high-quality microphone like the Blue Yeti USB Mic, and editing software such as PowerDirector.

How do I plan my animated ASMR video?

Decide what triggers or sounds you want to incorporate in your video, such as whispering, tapping, scratching, or nature sounds. Prepare your room by ensuring it is quiet and well-lit with soothing lighting.

How do I record my animated ASMR video?

Speak and move slowly, paying attention to microphone placement and avoiding unwanted background noise. Perform actions and role-plays that will engage and relax the viewer.

How do I edit my animated ASMR video?

Use editing software to import and arrange your video and audio files, trim and split clips, add transitions and effects, and adjust the audio levels. Enhance the visuals and sound to create a relaxing and immersive experience.

How do I personalize my animated ASMR video?

Add titles, end cards, and background music to enhance the overall effect of your ASMR video. Choose serene and calming music from a royalty-free stock library.

How do I produce and upload my animated ASMR video?

Once you are satisfied with the editing, export your video and upload it to your preferred platform, such as YouTube. Share it with your audience and engage with their feedback and suggestions.

How do I stay up-to-date with ASMR trends?

Conduct further research on ASMR techniques, stay updated with trends in the ASMR community, and continually experiment with different triggers and approaches to keep your audience engaged.

This article was written by Creative Island's founder Filipe Bastos. Beyond being the owner of the studio, Filipe has a background in philosophy and psychology, and loves reading and writing about anything related to human nature. He brings his unique perspective and insights to the work he does, including creating engaging and effective animated explainer videos for startups and small businesses.

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