If you own a technology business, you know that explaining tech concepts to your clients can be a daunting task. Technical jargon can be overwhelming, and not everyone has the same level of understanding.

Tech explainer videos have the power to simplify complex concepts and make them accessible to a wider audience. Not only do they make your clients feel more confident in their understanding of your product, but they can also save you time and resources in the long run.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of using tech explainer videos for your business and how they can help you better communicate with your clients. Get ready to unlock the power of technology communication.

What is an explainer video and why is it important for the tech industry?

Definition of an explainer video

An explainer video is a short, animated or live-action video that explains a product or service in a simple, concise and engaging way. It is a powerful way to communicate difficult and complex concepts with ease and to make it more accessible for the audience. Explainer videos usually run for 60 to 90 seconds, making them a perfect tool for grabbing the audience’s attention and keeping them engaged till the end.

The importance of explainer videos in the tech industry

The tech industry is constantly evolving and updating, and it can be challenging to keep up with all the new technologies and products. Explainer videos provide an effective way to communicate technical knowledge to a non-technical audience. These videos make it easy to understand complex tech concepts, enhance customer trust, increase conversions, and ultimately lead to higher sales.

How explainer videos simplify complex tech concepts

Explainer videos help simplify complex tech concepts by using visuals and storytelling to make them more understandable. The use of animated characters and graphics in explainer videos allows the audience to visualize how a particular product or service works, making it easier to grasp difficult concepts. By using simple language and metaphors, explainer videos make it easy-to-understand and capture the main message of the product or service.

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Types of explainer videos for the tech industry

Animated explainer videos

Animated explainer videos use 2D or 3D animation to create a fun and upbeat video that explains a product or service. These videos are perfect for any brand, and they can be used for many purposes like educating customers, product demos, brand promotion and more. Animated explainer videos effectively communicate technical concepts using simple visuals, making them easy to understand.

Live-action explainer videos

Live-action explainer videos use real people and an actual set to explain a product or service. These videos help create a more humanized approach, allowing customers to see real people who can solve their problems. Live-action explainer videos can also effectively communicate emotional messages that animated videos may struggle with.

Combination of animation and live-action

A combination of animation and live-action explainer videos is another option for creating a tech explainer video. These videos use animated visuals to explain technical concepts and real people to add a human touch, resulting in a hybrid video that combines the benefits of both animation and live-action.

What makes a great tech explainer video?

The importance of a clear message

A clear message is the essence of any good explainer video. The video should prioritize simplifying a specific concept or explaining a particular product or service. A great explainer video must demonstrate the most important features and benefits of the product or service, outlining the problems it solves and how it can make life easier for the customers.

Choosing the right visual style for your brand

Choosing the right visual style is essential for any explainer video. You need to select the right style that matches your product or service, audience, and brand. Whether it’s an animated video or a live-action video, make sure the visual style adds meaning and drives the message home effectively.

Incorporating analytics to improve the effectiveness of your video

Analytics plays an important part in the effectiveness of your explainer video. You can use analytics to track the performance of your video and understand how your viewers are interacting with it. This data can help you optimize future content and improve the effectiveness of your videos.

The benefits of using an explainer video for technology products

Increased engagement and retention of information

Explainer videos encourage audience engagement, making it easier for them to understand a concept or product and retain that information. As per a recent survey, viewers retain up to 95% of the message when they watch a video, compared to 10% of the message when they read a text.

Enhancement of brand credibility and customer trust

Explainer videos help enhance brand credibility and build trust with customers by showing a level of transparency and expertise. By presenting information in an engaging manner, while clearly outlining the advantages of using a company’s product or service, explainer videos help build trust among the audience.

Higher conversion rates and increased sales

Explainer videos can significantly increase conversion rates resulting in increased sales. By giving customers a clear understanding of how a product or service solves their problems, the likelihood of them making a purchase increase. In fact, the conversion rate of a website can increase up to 80% when an explainer video is included on the home page.

How to create the perfect tech explainer video

Identifying your target audience and understanding their needs

The first step toward creating a perfect explainer video is identifying your target audience and understanding their needs. Once you understand your audience’s needs and preferences, you can create a video that will resonate with them. Knowing your audience means you can use the right tone, language, and visuals to capture their attention.

Working with a professional video production team

Creating an explainer video involves several different steps that require different sets of skills, tools, and expertise. Working with a professional video production team is essential, as they have the necessary equipment, skills, and resources to produce a high-quality explainer video. Don’t skimp on this; a poor-quality video will adversely impact the brand’s credibility.

Choosing the right animation style for your message

Animation style is key to making your explainer video effective. The animation style needs to match your message, brand, and target audience. For instance, if your product is geared towards children, you might want to opt for a more cartoonish style, while a more professional or corporate look would be better suited for a more serious or business-oriented audience.

Overall, tech explainer videos are one of the best ways to communicate complex tech concepts to a non-technical audience and can significantly improve engagement and sales. Whether you’re creating an animated explainer video, a live-action video, or a hybrid of the two, be sure to focus on crafting a clear message and incorporating the right visuals and analytics to drive home your message. If you need professional help in creating a technology explainer video, pick one of the finest video content creators that can make video content that suits your goals and needs. Contact the best explainer video company today for more information on how they can help boost your brand’s credibility and drive sales.

Q: What are tech explainer videos?

A: Tech explainer videos are short, visually engaging animations or live-action videos that are designed to make complex ideas or technology concepts easy to understand for the target audience.

Q: How can tech explainer videos help my business?

A: Tech explainer videos are great tools for video marketing and can help your business attract and engage potential customers, especially in the tech industry. They can also help explain how your tech products or services work in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Q: What is the difference between an animated explainer video and a live-action explainer video?

A: Animated explainer videos use animation to convey the message, while live-action explainer videos use real people and objects to represent the message. Both can be effective, depending on the content and objective of the video.

Q: What makes a great tech explainer video?

A: A great tech explainer video has a simple design, a clear and concise message, and engages the audience from start to finish. The best animated explainer videos use videos to make complex ideas easy to understand.

Q: How long should a tech explainer video be?

A: A tech explainer video should be long enough to convey the message, but short enough to keep the audience engaged. Most effective tech explainer videos are less than 2 minutes long.

Q: What is the best way to create a tech explainer video?

A: To create the best tech explainer video, you can work with an animator or a production company that specializes in tech explainer videos. This will help ensure that the final product complements your brand and speaks directly to your target audience.

Q: What tech companies use explainer videos to tell their story?

A: Many tech companies, such as PayPal, use explainer videos to explain how their products work and engage their audience. Ahrefs also uses explainer videos to market their product for SEO professionals.

Q: Can tech explainer videos help me attract new customers?

A: Yes, tech explainer videos can help you attract new customers by engaging them with your product’s features and benefits and showing them how it works in action.

Q: How can I make sure that my tech explainer video engages my audience?

A: To engage your audience with your tech explainer video, you can use whiteboard animations, UI animations, and even trends in design to make it visually appealing and interesting to watch.

Q: How do I get started with creating a tech explainer video?

A: To get started with creating a tech explainer video, you can get in touch with an animator or production company that specializes in explainer videos for the tech industry. They will help you from start to finish, providing guidance on how to best tell your product’s story.

Technology can be complex and difficult to understand, especially for those who are not well-versed in the industry. This is where explainer videos come in, providing an easy-to-understand explanation of complex tech concepts. In this article, we will explore the world of tech explainer videos, discussing their importance in the tech industry, the different types of videos, what makes them great, their benefits, and how to create the perfect one for your business.

This article was written by Creative Island's founder Filipe Bastos. Beyond being the owner of the studio, Filipe has a background in philosophy and psychology, and loves reading and writing about anything related to human nature. He brings his unique perspective and insights to the work he does, including creating engaging and effective animated explainer videos for startups and small businesses.

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