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At Creative Island we believe in transparent pricing and providing our clients with exceptional value. That's why we offer three flexible animation packages to choose from, each designed to deliver high-quality results that align with your brand and messaging.

Our basic, standard, and premium packages include a range of animation options to fit your specific needs and budget. And thanks to our hybrid team located in the UK and Brazil, we're able to offer prices up to 40% cheaper than our competitors, without compromising on quality.

Essentials Package - 60s




Our Essentials Package offers concise and impactful animations, perfect for enriching presentations, educational materials, or making your web explainer videos stand out

  • Ideation
  • Script writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Icons and typography
  • Motion Graphics
  • Stock Music
  • Voice Over
  • Good Animation complexity
Standard Package - 60s




Upgrade to our Standard Package and captivate your audience with lively characters and dynamic motion graphics, ideal for amplifying your brand's presence and driving results.

  • Everything @ Essentials 
  • Character Design
  • Scene Design
  • 1 Character Animation
  • Sound Effects
  • Great scene transitions
  • Great Level of Polish
  • Great Animation Complexity
Premium Package -  60s




Experience the best with our Premium Package, featuring exceptional design, smooth animation, and unmatched creativity, designed to give your brand a truly distinguished edge.

  • Everything @ Standard
  • 2-3 Characters Animation
  • Complex scenes
  • A touch of 3D
  • Complex Visual Effects
  • Superb Scene Transitions
  • Higher Level Of Polish
  • Superb Animation Complexity


Influence In Purchasing Decision

96% of 1,000 surveyed consumers considered videos helpful for making online purchasing decisions.



Increase in Conversion rate

Adding a video to a landing page can have a positive impact on conversion rates, an increase by up to 80%.

(Eyeview Digital)


better Message Retention

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, while just 10% when reading it in text. 


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